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Cyrus Straight Line
(0 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
14 March 2017
By: geoffc | Status: Guest
"Superb Integrated Amplifier"
Cyrus Straight Line Bought the Cyrus Straight Line second hand around 5 years ago on Flea Bay and have never regretted it. I am in the process of upgrading to a Cyrus pre-Power amplifier combination and am confident that l can sell my Straight Line for what l paid for it - if not more! These amps certainly hold their value! More

Tannoy Mercury MkII
(11 votes : 2 reviews)
5 out of 5
08 March 2017
By: James Fox | Status: Guest
"Tannoy Mercury Mk 2"
Tannoy Mercury MkII Had theses speaker from new from the late 80's. Still use them and still haven't heard anything better and still sounding awesome. Simply the best speakers ever. More

(0 votes : 1 review)
5 out of 5
28 February 2017
By: Don | Status: Guest
"JVC R L100L"
JVC R-L100L Another find at my local Goodwill, in mint condition. Tuner provides decent reception and the sound quality of this 25 watt per channel amp is quite good. Mid 80s receiver so build quality is decent. Perfect garage or workshop amp. More